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Frequently Asked Questions


Will OCAW work for my condition or problem?

Although aquatic therapy in community pools is relatively new, research studies have shown that aquatic exercise can be more effective than conservative methods of pain management and rehabilitation. Aquatic rehabilitation can help conditions such as lower back pain, hip and knee arthritis, fibromyalgia, post-surgery hip and knee rehabilitation, ankle injuries, shoulder injuries and a multitude of other musculoskeletal conditions. In many research studies participants have reported that aquatic rehabilitation resulted in less pain during and after sessions contributing to longer-term reductions in pain, improvement in mobility and strength. You can read about these studies in the benefits & research section of the website or contact us for an informal chat.

Do I need to be an able swimmer to take part in classes?

No. Your programme can be adapted so that individuals with little swimming experience can confidently engage in sessions. Instructors are always in the water with the whole class for guidance and safety purposes. It is possible go through an entire six week programme without leaving shallow water.

Do I need to be referred by my doctor or physiotherapist?

No. Sessions are led by qualified instructors who will assess you during a poolside meeting before your first session. They will identify a aquatic rehabilitation programme specifically for your needs. The session instructor will advise you if there is any need to seek further advice from your doctor.

What should I wear in the pool?

Usual swimwear is fine. Some participants prefer to also wear a sports t-shirt or swimming top (surfing rash vest). It is important to us that you are comfortably dressed and warm in the water.

Will I be fit enough to take part in the session?

Yes. Individual programmes are tailored to your level of fitness. Whether you are returning to exercise, or a seasoned athlete, we can work with your needs.

Will I get too cold?

The programme takes into consideration the average temperature of the local pool. Aqua rehabilitation strengthening and conditioning exercises are mixed with body-temperature raising activities to make sure everyone is at a comfortable temperature during sessions. If you do feel cold in the pool we will investigate using neoprene jackets (scuba jackets) to make sure you keep warm!

Do I need to commit to a programme?

No. We run the OCAW sessions as drop in. You can come when it suits you and pay as you go.

What is the sign up process?

For your first session, we ask you to arrive 30min before the session starts. During this time we will ask you to fill in a form and give the instructor time to use our online system to come up with suitable exercises just for you.

I can't get in by myself, can I still come?

You can! There is a hoist to be able to lift you in and out of the pool. Unfortunately, we can only cater to those who are able to use a sat up hoist, as our current premises do not have access to a full body sling.

I am a bit unsteady on my feet and feel worried about coming. What should i do?

What we suggest is you bring a friend, family member or carer to help you feel a bit more steady while doing the exercises. If they come to help, we will let them in for free!! Unfortunately, at this time we cannot guarantee that there'll be volunteers to give you 1-2-1 attention.

What happens with my personal data?

We take your privacy very seriously.

We need to collect personal information about your health to provide you with the best possible exercise programme. You are requesting our help, and our agreement to provide that care, constitutes a contract. You can, of course, refuse to provide the information, but if you were to do that we would not be able to help as much as we’d like.

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